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Autonomy LiveVault

Autonomy LiveVault is a fully managed service in Autonomy’s private cloud that automates, streamlines, and reduces the complexity of server backup. Autonomy LiveVault removes the burden of managing the complex and error prone data protection process, allowing organizations to focus their budgets and resources on long-term strategic initiatives instead of costly, manual tasks.

Unprecedented Virtualized Environment Support 

Autonomy LiveVault performs backups automatically and continuously, down to fifteen-minute increments, so data is protected as it is created. LiveVault delivers fully automated backup over the Internet or private network connection for uninterrupted enterprise productivity. Data is moved offsite to secure, mirrored data centers; data is completely secure and protected at every step of the way, using stringent procedures, protocols, and standards. Autonomy LiveVault encrypts all data at the source using 256-bit AES encryption with a unique key. For an additional layer of protection, the LiveVault uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to establish a secure, resilient communication tunnel to offsite Autonomy data centers.

Unprecedented Scalability to Meet the Data Protection of the Largest Customers

Autonomy is the largest private cloud computing vendor with over 31 petabytes under management and growing by over one billion files per month. The Autonomy private cloud allows companies to cost-effectively outsource the storage and management of emails, documents, rich media files, instant messages, and all forms of web content. Autonomy cloud solutions operate across over 9,000 production servers hosted in data centers around the world.

Built-In Protection for Open File and Database Backups

Autonomy LiveVault delivers point-in-time recovery of server data through continuous backup, providing nearly 100 recovery points daily. Continuous backup enables organizations to choose the exact version of the file to recover from numerous point-in-time versions each day, for vastly improved Recovery Point Objectives (RPO).

LiveVault does not require complex plug-ins or costly third-party tools to protect critical data. The LiveVault Web Portal allows organization manage and monitor the entire data protection workflow including backup, off-site storage, archiving, and recovery from a Web browser anywhere, anytime.

Rapid Recovery with Unique DeltaRestore, TurboRestore Appliance, and Data Shuttle Service

Autonomy LiveVault offers the following advanced technologies to make recovery fast and easy:

  • Unique DeltaRestoreTM Capability – Instead of restoring an entire file or database after corruption or an inadvertent change, LiveVault restores only the data that has changed. For example, if a virus corrupts a few messages within a large Microsoft Exchange database, LiveVault “rolls back” the database to its exact state at a point before the corruption.
  • Optional TurboRestoreTM Appliance – This simple-to-install appliance enables you to quickly recover large amounts of data while meeting the most stringent Recovery Time Objectives (RTO).
  • Data Shuttle Service – The LiveVault Data Shuttle Service offers initial seeding, large restores, and disaster recovery for multiple terabytes of data quickly. LiveVault Data Shuttle is available on demand by phone, email, or the web portal. In a case of a disaster, customers can potentially have the fully restored server waiting for them even before the electricity or internet is up and running.
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