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The Gomez platform is used to optimize the performance and availability of web, non-web, mobile, streaming and cloud applications

 The Gomez platform is the industry’s leading solution for optimizing the performance, availability and quality of web, non-web, mobile, streaming and cloud applications. The Gomez approach to application performance management starts by measuring your end user’s experiences and all the components that contribute to it, to proactively detect performance issues, quantify their business impact and accelerate resolution.

The Gomez solution works for any type of application, including enterprise applications accessed by employees, e-commerce web sites visited by customers or applications running on mobile devices. Only the Gomez “First Mile to Last Mile” solution eliminates blind spots across the entire application delivery chain, from the browser on a user’s computer or mobile device, across the Internet or a corporate WAN, across third-party and cloud providers, to the complex infrastructure inside data centers. Business managers, IT operations personnel and application development/QA engineers benefit from the insight provided by the Gomez solution. More than 4,000 customers worldwide, ranging from small companies to large enterprises and managed service providers, use Gomez to increase revenue, build brand loyalty and decrease costs.


Gomez provides the only solution that covers the entire application delivery chain, allowing you to test and measure from every location in the chain. You can test from the first mile (your data center) to the last mile (your users), so you can find and fix the broadest set of issues to ensure a quality experience.

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