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3rd Party Integration

Quickly Leverage Your Data Collection and Integrate Performance Data Into a Unified View of Application Performance

The Gomez Business Service Management solution correlates data of the end-user experience, application and infrastructure health, and business Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) — all to deliver real-time and historical role-relevant dashboards. Gomez Business Service Manager integrates the data from multiple sources, including Gomez and third-party products, to deliver a unified view of application performance.

Many of the business service management tools on the market today have emerged from infrastructure-centric event monitoring tools. This approach omits the critical perspective of application performance. While many organizations still have many monitoring tools that collect important performance and availability data, Gomez Business Service Manager integrates data from different sources and creates a service model. Its third-party integration capability enables a more effective, optimized approach to IT operations.

The service model provides a vehicle for overlaying business rules to drive understanding and reporting on:

  • Business impacts in different location time frames
  • Service quality
  • Cost of Poor Quality (CoPQ)
  • Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) or Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF).

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