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Biz Service Manager

Monitor and Measure IT Services From a Business Perspective

Gomez Business Service Manager measures service quality through the experience of key business users and creates a logical model of how the back-end infrastructure impacts those transactions. This information is used for continual service improvement and for setting business-relevant IT SLAs (service level agreements).

Gomez Business Service Manager provides a unique approach to business service management because it focuses only on how business services are delivered — and how IT supports them.

This approach to is based on 3 principles. These principles provide a complete end-to-end view of service delivery that is completely aligned with the needs of the business, which allows business managers to prioritize make effective decisions. Without understanding how IT impacts the business, organizations are unable to isolate the root cause quickly, determine the priority and allocate the right resources to fix problems, resulting in a costly, inefficient approach.

With Gomez Business Service Manager, IT managers and support staff:

  • gain instant visibility of the overall IT operation’s health through real-time business service dashboards, including drill-down for more granular service details
  • prioritize problem resolution and resource allocation based on business criticality
  • increase IT efficiency and productivity through rapid problem detection and resolution
  • minimize the business impact of service outages.

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