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Optimize Service Delivery by Aligning IT to Meet the Business Goals

Gomez Business Service Management is unique in this approach because Gomez focuses on how business services are delivered — and how IT supports them. The Gomez BSM approach provides a complete end-to-end view of service delivery based on these principles:

  • Taking a “top-down” approach that ensures proper alignment between the business and IT.
  • Utilizing Gomez End-User Experience monitoring to measure the quality of service delivered to the business and, most importantly, the impact any performance issue has on the business.
  • Creating an infrastructure and component model of how those services are delivered through a performance-driven method. This ensures rapid deployment by leveraging existing data collection frameworks, without requiring a “bottom-up” reconstruction of a map of every piece of infrastructure and software in an organization.
  • Incorporates both data center elements and Internet and third-party provider components to provide visibility across the entire application delivery chain.


Key Gomez Business Service Management Features and Capabilities

Gomez Business Service Management provides a business-centric view of application performance management, which helps business managers effectively manage the prioritization of business impacts or the cost of application problems. Key Gomez capabilities include:

  • Business Service Manager: Builds a transaction and service model based on the performance data collected within Gomez and from third-party monitoring, CMDB and application dependency mapping products. The service model measures the quality of service delivered to the business and, most importantly, the impact of any performance issues. Other capabilities BSM provides are:
    • Gomez Global Business Calendar: Establishes different graded priorities or levels of importance for events occurring at various times of the day, the week or the month, as well as different time zones that services or infrastructure share between multiple applications
    • Gomez Service-Level Management: Provides the ability to define realistic, business-oriented IT SLAs, track service-level compliance ,and report and communicate service levels with business counterparts. Gomez Service-Level Management can increase service quality by automating proven Six Sigma techniques and integrating IT Infrastructure Library processes.
    • Gomez Dashboards and Reporting: Provides role-relevant dashboards and reports to proactively manage application performance and demonstrate the value of IT to line of business counterparts, including service-level compliance and continual service improvement.
    • Third-party Data Correlation: Integrates data into the business service management model from multiple sources, including data gathered by Gomez and third-party products, and delivers a unified view of application performance.

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