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Cloud Monitoring

Cloud Monitoring: Don’t Blindly Trust the Cloud

Cloud Monitoring Helps You Achieve the Predicted ROI From Your Cloud Applications

Cloud computing is how companies of all sizes can reconnect with their customers. It provides them with agility, flexibility and time-to-value — all vital assets in the new, customer-driven business world where “work anywhere is what we do.” But for many companies, cloud monitoring is an afterthought and achieving the predicted adoption and ROI on their cloud applications is proving to be elusive.

One of the biggest inhibitors to the widespread use of cloud-based applications is user frustration due to poor application performance. Studies have shown that users are becoming increasingly impatient — when page load times approach six seconds, the page abandonment rate approaches 33 percent. Users leave with a negative impression of the site and are much less likely to return. High abandonment rates clearly have a direct impact on revenue and ROI, so the ability to effectively manage application performance should be a key component of every company’s cloud monitoring strategy.


  • In a recent survey of almost 700 companies in North America and Europe, 57 percent of respondents reported that they are slowing or hesitating on their adoption of cloud-based applications because of performance concerns.

What’s So Hard About Cloud Management?

Unlike monitoring, traditional data center applications, which reside entirely behind the company’s firewall, the delivery chain for cloud applications is significantly more complex, extending from the browser on a user’s computer or mobile device, across the Internet or a corporate WAN, across third-party and cloud providers, to the complex infrastructure inside data centers. This makes cloud testing and monitoring much more challenging.


Application performance is critically dependent on all of these elements — a failure or slowdown of a component anywhere in the delivery chain will cause the whole application to fail or slow down.
Traditional enterprise application performance management tools are unsuitable for cloud monitoring. This new generation of applications is particularly complex because:

  • they only provide narrow, technology-centric keyhole views into the performance of specific components or processes
  • they cannot quantify the business impact of problems to prioritize resolution
  • they cannot provide accurate fault diagnosis to accelerate resolution.

The only way to truly solve cloud performance issues is through a holistic view of application performance monitoring that encompasses the entire application delivery chain and provides detailed information on where the actual problem is and what impact the problem has on the business. This allows troubleshooting teams fast, accurate identification and prioritization of problems, along with fault domain and deep-dive diagnostics.

Compuware’s Gomez APM Solution Addresses the Challenges of Cloud Monitoring

The Gomez Application Performance Management (APM) solution provides all the features necessary to effectively monitor the cloud. As problems arise, role-relevant dashboards notify business owners of the business impact, and technology leaders of the root cause. It isolates the fault domain — the data center, an ISP or the Internet, a third-party provider or the user’s browser or device. The solution combines the company’s core technology competencies (enterprise application performance monitoring and web performance monitoring) to provide the first and only solution capable of managing performance and availability across the entire cloud application delivery chain.

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