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Are You Considering Moving Your Applications to the Cloud?

Cloud computing represents a compelling new way for companies to meet the emerging business need for agility, flexibility and time-to-value. But it also introduces new technology risks which, if they’re not completely understood, can reduce or even eliminate the potential business benefits.

The performance and availability of cloud applications can have a dramatic impact on user adoption and revenue. Cloud monitoring and management requires uninterrupted visibility across the entire application delivery chain — your data center, the Internet, cloud service providers and even the end user’s own device and browser. The traditional data center monitoring tools that you’ve been using simply won’t work in the cloud.

Before you make the move, ask yourself these questions:

  • How will your applications perform as planned after you make the move?
  • How will adopting the cloud impact your end users’ experience?
  • How will you maintain control over the quality of the delivery and performance of the applications you provide to customers?

The only way to ensure cloud application performance and quality is to monitor your applications from the only perspective that really matters: your end users.

Compuware offers a complete solution for cloud performance management. By combining the company’s core technology competencies (enterprise application performance monitoring and web performance monitoring), Compuware is the first and only company to provide a complete and integrated solution capable of managing performance and availability across the entire cloud service delivery chain.

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