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Cross-Browser Testing

Cross-Browser Testing

On-Demand Automated Multiple-Web Browser Compatibility Testing

The on-demand Gomez Cross-Browser Testing solution automates the validation of web and mobile sites across all major browsers, operating systems and mobile devices. Compuware is the first to combine automated testing of web, mobile and Rich Internet Applications (RIA) with real-time remote access to a virtual QA test bed. This combination increases team productivity and eliminates high testing infrastructure costs.

Using the Gomez Cross-Browser Compatibility Testing solution, designers, application developers and the entire QA and IT teams can ensure web and mobile sites render and function optimally across multiple web browsers, major operating systems and mobile devices that matter.

The Gomez Cross-Browser Testing solution is a website monitoring tool that automates problem identification and eliminates blind spots across the entire application delivery chain — from device to data center.

Cross-Browser compatibility issues undermine end-user confidence in the web application and brand — significantly impacting revenue.

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