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Dive Deep Into Application Performance Rapidly to Identify Their Root Causes and Resolve Them — Before Calls Flood the Service Desk

Gomez monitors the health and performance of every major application infrastructure component, and detects and diagnoses performance issues. The solution provides deep-dive analysis across the entire application delivery chain, including complex infrastructures such as virtualization, WAN optimization and all their components.

Gomez traces and analyzes transactions across an unlimited number of tiers to diagnose root causes in the context of your end users’ experience and provides in-depth data collection and analysis across these components:

  • mainframes
  • web services and middleware components (e.g., MQ, Tibco, SOAP/XML)
  • databases (physical or virtual)
  • application servers (physical or virtual)
  • web servers (physical or virtual)
  • java and .NET components
  • load balancers (physical or virtual)
  • network infrastructure
  • major and minor Internet service providers (ISPs)
  • third-party providers and content delivery networks (CDNs)
  • cloud providers
  • browsers and devices

While many IT infrastructure management teams have monitoring tools in place, they are unable to provide all stakeholders a single view of performance because the data is not integrated and correlated. Additionally, the complexity of today’s emerging technologies complicates the ability of IT infrastructure management teams to ensure the infrastructure that hosts these applications runs smoothly and performs within acceptable limits. End users — employees or customers — expect consistent performance and rely on rapid resolution of problems, but organizations that rely on separate monitoring tools to monitor each enterprise component — application, server, database — will find it costly and difficult to quickly find and fix performance problems.


Gomez Infrastructure and Component Analysis monitors application performance and delivers high-quality, high-performing applications with these advanced monitoring capabilities:

  • Java and .NET Monitoring – Operational monitoring, alerting and optimization of Java and .NET application performance across servers, networks, databases, middleware and mainframes detects application, infrastructure, Internet, enterprise or custom application problems.
  • Transaction Trace Analysis – Monitoring of transaction performance from the end-user perspective at the web server tier — as well as the method level and back-end servers — provides an end-to-end view of transaction performance that is unmatched in the industry.
  • Server Performance Monitoring
- Operational monitoring of performance and availability metrics examines applications, servers and databases and identifies performance problems before they impact critical business processes.
  • Network Performance Monitoring – Operational monitoring allows an in-depth inspection of network traffic to uncover a wealth of information about how to effectively meet business objectives of the IT infrastructure.

When to Use Gomez Infrastructure and Component Analysis

Gomez Infrastructure and Component Analysis provides in-depth data collection and analysis across all components, including the components that support tier-to-tier traffic and business-to-business transactions. With Gomez, you can:

  • monitor all real-user traffic for any application or user, including employees and customers using web, non-web, mobile or cloud applications, to identify performance issues experienced by users
  • trace and analyze transactions across an unlimited number of tiers to diagnose root causes in context of your end users’ experience
  • monitor Java and .NET applications down to the method level to identify root causes
  • manage application performance in complex infrastructures, with complete visibility into all network segments and data center components in both physical and virtualized environments
  • integrate data from third-party monitoring products and correlate it with end-user experience data to determine how to leverage existing investments.

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