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How Do You Ensure Internal Groups and Key Vendors Are Meeting Their Service Level Agreements?

Today IT service level agreements (IT SLAs) are a vital part of business service management because so many companies rely on third-party vendors to host all or parts of their applications. To ensure quality service delivery, accelerate problem identification and protect customer experiences, companies should use a trusted, objective and external monitoring company to validate application performance and report on the compliance of internal or external providers.

  • For external providers, you need to measure service level compliance for outsourced service providers and third-party applications such as ratings and reviews, ads, news feeds, e-commerce, content delivery networks and managed hosting providers.
  • For internal providers, you need to measure availability, performance and quality of service compliance delivered by IT to business stakeholders.

Compuware is a trusted outside observer of performance metrics. As such, companies rely on Gomez products when SLAs are in place. Gomez helps businesses monitor application performance against defined sets of objectives that have been agreed to by internal or external providers and accelerate problem identification when issues occur.

IT SLAs and objectives are a key component of successful internal and external vendor relationships. When SLAs are not being met, both IT and the business need to be quickly alerted to the problem. If you ensure that your SLAs are being met, your team will have the diagnostic detail needed to quickly determine the root cause of the problem and restore compliance before brand damage occurs and customer experience is impacted.

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