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Gomez Synthetic Monitoring – Mobile – Overview

Synthetic, On-demand Mobile Web Site, SMS and Application Performance and Availability Monitoring

Gomez Synthetic Monitoring — Mobile is an on-demand, mobile service monitoring solution that accelerates identification, diagnosis and resolution of performance and availability issues with mobile web sites, SMS initiatives and native applications.

The rapid adoption of smartphones, faster networks and mobile optimized content are driving increased end-user mobile web performance experience expectations. People expect mobile services to work flawlessly, anytime, anywhere. If a mobile web site, application or SMS initiative fails to perform at speeds that reflect mobile behavior — standing in line, stopped on a sidewalk or sitting in a bus — it’s unlikely consumers will use the mobile service again.

Gomez Synthetic Monitoring — Mobile provides a unified “One Web” view of mobile and web performance and availability that enables organizations to leverage existing performance management skills, best practices and investments to improve productivity and maximize operational efficiencies. Gomez’s mobile web performance monitoring solution supports all major phone platforms, from iOS, Android OS and BlackBerry OS to multiple feature phone operating systems. The solution identifies problems and eliminates blind spots across the entire application delivery chain — from device to data center.

When To Use Gomez Synthetic Monitoring – Mobile

Use Synthetic Monitoring — Mobile to quickly and easily identify, diagnose and resolve mobile web site, SMS and application issues across devices, networks and geographies when:

  • Deploying mobile sites and applications: Is our mobile offering available and performing optimally?
  • Outsourcing SMS and delivering mobile web site and application: Is our vendor delivering the performance and availability we expect?
  • Releasing new mobile sites and applications: Will they perform optimally across all browsers and devices?
  • Deploying infrastructure updates and patches: Will performance and user experience be hurt?
  • Supporting new devices: Do our mobile sites and applications perform as intended across the devices that matter?

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