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Launching and Managing Enterprise Applications – Overview

What Is the Impact to Your Business When Performance Problems Are Left Undetected and Unresolved Prior to Launching or While Managing Enterprise Applications?

Today’s enterprise applications are complex, with content and services coming from multiple sources. Business transactions cross a chain of multiple components within both the physical and virtual environments of your data center — web and application servers, firewalls, file systems, databases, middleware and operating systems.

Research shows that enterprise application downtime and slowdowns have significant repercussions, such as:

  • employee turnover or productivity loss
  • decreased revenues
  • lost credibility
  • damaged business reputation.

When launching and upgrading enterprise applications, you need to consider several key aspects.
Will the application:

  • perform optimally across the network and all infrastructure tiers that matter?
  • scale under load and provide quality application experiences to all users?
  • perform optimally from any location, any time?
  • be used and adopted by internal users or employees?

Ensuring your success requires finding and resolving problems prior to deploying applications across the entire application delivery chain. This requires monitoring all real-user traffic for any application or user, including employees and customers using web, non-web or mobile. Ensuring you can trace and analyze transactions across an unlimited number of tiers to quickly diagnose root causes in the context of the end-user experience.

Gomez Solutions for Launching and Managing Enterprise Applications


  • Gomez Real-User Monitoring Data Center
  • Gomez Business Service Manager
  • Gomez Synthetic Monitoring – Private Enterprise
  • Gomez Java and .NET Monitoring
  • Gomez Transaction Trace Analysis
  • Gomez Server Monitoring
  • Gomez Network Performance Monitoring

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