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Launching and Managing Web Applications

What is the impact to your business when your web applications have performance problems in production? Users expect web apps to work every time and to load fast, no matter what device or browser they happen to be using. Every second counts, and even a one-second delay can mean lost customers.

Change is constant on the web. And the management of web applications needs to keep up with those advances. Research shows that improving web performance lowers costs and increases revenue:

Today’s web application management environment is complex, with content and web services delivered to the end user’s browser from many sources. Components are still coming from within your data center — but they are also being delivered from third parties and “the cloud,” including elements such as content delivery networks, news feeds, ads, analytics, bill payment and e-commerce platforms.

When managing web applications, you need to know if the application will:

  • render and perform optimally across all browsers
  • scale under real word load and provide quality web experiences to all users
  • meet your performance benchmark objectives.

Successful web application management requires finding and fixing problems across the entire web application delivery chain prior to launch and in production. This requires taking an “outside-in” approach, getting real test results from the end user’s perspective across browsers, locations and peak loads.
Gomez solutions for launching and upgrading web applications include:

Today’s web applications can help a company reach its goals. But, without proper management, those same applications can hurt your brand’s reputation and your bottom line. Gomez gives you peace of mind with market leading services that improve load times and performance across the entire delivery chain.

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