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Web Performance

Web application performance lies at the heart of business success. Web and mobile application availability, performance and quality are the web performance benchmarks by which your customers will judge your brand. And given the complexity of today’s application delivery chain, along which problems can occur at many different points – sometime simultaneously – you need a web performance monitoring solution that promises complete and proactive coverage.

Gomez offers web performance monitoring and management through an on-demand monitoring solution that helps ensure your most important business critical transactions are performing optimally, alerts you to performance issues, prioritizes them based on their business impact, and isolates their root causes. The solution includes:

  • Web Site Backbone Monitoring from over 150 global locations to detect application, infrastructure, Internet or third-party problems.
  • First Mile Real-User Monitoring that enables prioritization of web performance problems based on business impact and more precise root-cause isolation.
  • Browser-based Real-User Monitoring to measure performance directly from your users’ browsers while they are accessing your web and RIAs.
  • Last Mile Active Monitoring from over 150,000 global locations that provide broad geographic insight into the impact of bandwidth, CDNs, local ISPs and wireless carriers.
  • Multimedia and Streaming Monitoring for availability, web performance analytics and quality metrics from your users’ browsers and from locations around the world.
  • Mobile Web Application Monitoring that detects mobile and SMS performance and availability problems with mobile web applications and carriers and in key geographies.

Web performance management monitoring from Gomez can eliminate blind spots across the entire Web application delivery chain, from the browser on a real user’s computer, across the Internet and third party providers, to the infrastructure running inside your data centers. Start optimizing your mobile and web application performance today, and give customers and users superior experiences, regardless of how, when or from where they access your site.

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