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Website Monitoring

Website Monitoring

Launching or upgrading your web applications without proactive web performance monitoring leaves your website – and your business – in a vulnerable position. Poor performance like slow load times can cost you money and customers. To compete in complex today’s web environment, you need thorough website testing to ensure performance every spot along the web application delivery chain.

Research shows that improving performance with web site monitoring lowers costs by reducing the effort involved in finding and resolving problems, and cutting down on call center activities. Improving website performance can also increase your revenue by improving conversion rates, and decreasing load times and abandonment rates.

Website Monitoring Along the Web Application Delivery Chain

Web content and services are delivered to your end users’ browsers from multiple sources. These sources include components delivered from within your data center as well as components delivered from third parties and “the cloud” such as content delivery networks, news feeds, ads, analytics, bill payment and e-commerce platforms.

When your company is launching and upgrading web applications, you need to have answers to these questions:

  • Will the website render and perform optimally across all browsers that matter?
  • Will it scale under load and provide quality web experiences to all your users?
  • Will it meet your performance benchmark objectives?

Ensuring successful web application management requires finding and resolving problems across the entire web application delivery chain, before launch and during production. This requires taking an “outside-in” approach, measuring from the end user’s perspective across browsers, geographic locations and peak loads.

Gomez website monitoring allows you to measure your web site performance from multiple dimensions:

  • what your end users and customers are doing (key transactions and pages)
  • where they are doing it (from different geographic locations and various time zones)
  • how they do it (key clients, browsers, operating systems and mobile devices)
  • when they do it (normal and peak usage).

Gomez offers a suite of solutions monitoring web applications:

Gomez Load Testing: Enables organizations to proactively find and resolve web performance, availability and quality problems under peak traffic conditions.

  • Gomez Cross-Browser Testing: Automates the validation of web sites across all major browsers, operating systems and mobile devices.
  • Gomez End User Experience Monitoring: Uses synthetic monitoring to collect performance data from scheduled tests that simulate the way users interact with applications and optimize performance; uses real-user monitoring to collect data on real users’ actual experiences and behaviors as they interact with applications and ensure customers can complete transactions.
  • Gomez Web Performance Benchmarks: Provides valuable insight into how market leaders and the competition are performing.

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