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Dynatrace Application Monitoring

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No gaps, no guessing, no boundaries – no problem.

 Key Capabilities:

See it. Find it. Fix it. Done.wrench

  • Monitor infrastructure and application in a unified view
  • Gain insights into any performance root-cause in seconds, from poorly executed code or redundant DB queries to memory leaks and resource bottlenecks
  • See system/process metrics automatically correlated with the performance of individual transactions
  • See exactly which transactions are impacted by an infrastructure issue and fix them before users are impacted

box Isolate and Share exact problem context

  • Sessions are recorded to secure evidence & enable collaboration.
  • Production failures can be tracked by Ops and packaged in a variety of formats to be shared with Development for resolution without access to the Production installation.
  • With no code skills required, impress your application experts with the code-level detail they need immediately upon incident.
  • Seeing full transactional context and not just the log message shows which critical Business Transactions are impacted.
  • Test automation engineers can refine their testing and deployment strategies to prevent the same failure from happening again.

circle Designed for continuous delivery processes

  • Share detailed performance data across dev, test, & ops.
  • Provide reliable metrics along your delivery pipeline through automation interfaces for CI/CD systems like Jenkins, Bamboo, and TeamCity.
  • Deliver more stable applications to production faster – Automatic analysis of regressions and comparison of response times, structural differences, code executions, errors, exceptions and database performance

 arrowsTrace any transaction no matter where it goes

  • Trace every transaction from click to the resulting method invocation or SQL statement executed in the heart of your infrastructure
  • Immediate runtime visibility into your globally or locally distributed app’s health and impact on user experience
  • Visualize the real-time logical topology of all your services, tiers, interdependencies and inter-tier timings.
  • Extend your visibility to otherwise blind spots in your delivery chain: Public Cloud, third party APIs, NGINX, VMware, Mainframe components, and more…

magnifyGap-free data eliminates blind spots

  • Let 100% of your captured & analyzed data drive decision making. Don’t waste time deciding how or what to capture.
  • Seeing every event leading up to a failure provides the context required to proactively prevent the issue from occurring in the future.
  • Find the root-cause of performance issues faster and improve the experience of all your users, not just the frustrated ones.
  • Compare good and poor performing transactions side-by-side.

cameraDon’t reproduce failures, just watch the replay

  • You never have to manually aggregate data and link events to draw conclusions about production failures.
  • Compact session recordings eliminate the need to replicate problem scenarios. Every transaction is recorded along with system health metrics, and can be played back when a performance problem is detected.
  • The Session file provides a comprehensive package that provides deep root-cause information for replay, going far beyond typical snapshots. And this Session recording can be easily packaged and shared between stakeholders.

programGo from end-user level to code-level in seconds

  • Swiftly maneuver between a high elevation of coverage and granular-level details with ease.
  • Combine with User Experience Management to trace transactions from end-user to back-end
  • Drill-down into any problematic transaction to get code-level details

clipSimplify, automate & manage the complex

  • Your apps can start dynatracing in minutes
  • All applications and transaction flows through your distributed environment are auto-discovered.
  • Our updates are automatically pushed out to all of your servers. No need to manually copy files to each and every one.
  • Errors are auto-detected in production so you have the time to contact users before they contact you.
  • Self-learning baselines with alerts, out-of-the-box dashboards and auto-correlated system monitoring
  • The dynatrace client is the window into your data. Anybody in your organization can download it for free!

phoneEliminate false alerts

  • Eliminates “false positives” and erroneous alerts by setting notifications on absolute and relative deviation from percentiles not averages.
  • Smart baselining automatically understands the statistical characteristics of response times, failure rates and throughput and employs advanced statistical models to analyze application behavior.
  • Substantially reduces the cost of deploying and managing your application in a complex enterprise environment.
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