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Key Capabilities

Native apps, hybrid apps, web: one view

Compare and analyze your users’ experience across any channels, from app to back-end, in a unified view.

Explore an integrated view of user experience across web, mobile web, native mobile and hybrid mobile applications.

We auto-detect all web requests and 3rd party calls and correlate them to user actions for you. Whether the browser loads a new page or your native mobile app calls a REST API on your web server, our agents for web and mobile do the heavy lifting so you can monitor the performance of each and every user action.

Get visibility into performance across all browsers on all devices. Compare performance and usage across browsers, devices, geographies, bandwidth, and other metrics to optimize for higher user satisfaction.

Business-relevant insights

Transform any user action into a business metric and bring the data your business really needs.

  • Auto-discovers user actions and converts technical requests into business context like orders, downloads, views, searches, and more.
  • Usage statistics across browsers, devices, geographies, carriers and connections speak volumes about your customer’s preferences & behavior
  • Gap-free user visit capture enables you to search any user’s visit, see every page they visited, every click they made, individually or in aggregate, whether performance issues were detected or not.
  • Visualize the impact of slow performance on site-usage or revenue flow, minute-by-minute, real-time, in production.
  • Identify the click-path visitors take to conversion actions and where along this path they tend to leave.
  • Identify how satisfied end users are based on response times and any functional problems along their execution path

User search for fast complaint resolution

Search for any user and get a full history of their navigation, experience, and associated performance.

  • All user click-paths are captured as visits and aggregated for behavior analysis and accurate complaint resolution.
  • Search for a frustrated user, replay their transactions, pinpoint the error and drill down to the root-cause right from there.
  • See a step-by-step view of all associated actions and each specific system supporting that user’s visit.
  • You can even proactively contact a customer when something goes wrong – and prevent a poor app rating.

Designed for web 2.0 apps

Remove up to 70% of your blind spots with JavaScript, XHR and more client-side visibility.

Web pages today do a lot more than just downloading and displaying content. Still, this is where most performance monitoring solutions stop. Dynatrace provides insight even into client-side JavaScript logic. For modern websites this removes up to 70% of the blind spots of your users’ experience

Dev-relevant insights

Crash reports give you full visibility into a user’s visit and leading up to a crash.

Client-Side Errors in web and mobile applications are automatically detected and captured. Dynatrace UEM comes with the widest support for troubleshooting front-end technologies like JavaScript frameworks, Flash, Silverlight and many more.

Know if client side errors were caused by invalid user input or an error in the client-side logic. Not only do we see the full error details but also know which end user was impacted. Looking at a list of errors, which can also be grouped by browser, device or OS to see if problems are bound to a certain environment.

Don’t stop at the client-side; we follow each user click through your whole server-side infrastructure (Java, .NET, PHP) down to a single method invocation or database call. dynaTrace® is the only APM solution with visibility of SQL statements at the visit-level. For any user visit, see call count, bind values, round trip and execution times on any individual transaction.

Maneuver between individual visits & code instantly

Jump to a line of code or an offending tier to understand what’s affecting user experience.

We capture information from app to backend, starting with the user click and following the transaction across all tiers, 3rd parties and cloud services, to the database of record and back.

Immediately upon a slow request in a user visit, you can drill down into that individual visit, where the root-cause can be detected anywhere along your application’s delivery path of multi-tiers, cloud service, and 3rd party APIs

The root-cause analyzer will show you if the error is in a specific server side request, related to third party requests or the code itself.

No coding required

We auto-instrument everything, from your native mobile app to your HTML pages.

Dynatrace UEM makes installation super simple. There are no manual changes to your Web pages or JavaScript required. Once agents are deployed to your Web server, your HTML pages and JavaScript code is instrumented automatically. This also works seamlessly for CDN deployed content. For native mobile and hybrid mobile applications, all the monitoring functionality is added by an auto-instrumentation component, which can be fully integrated into the lifecycle of your mobile application development. 

We simplify and automate tedious manual tasks required by traditional monitoring systems. With zero-configuration deployment, self-learning baselines and alerts, pre-built dashboards and auto-correlated system monitoring, you can start capturing and analyzing your user data today!

Availability testing

With integrated synthetic monitoring, you’ll know if your site is available from anywhere, anytime.

Combine real-user monitoring with synthetic monitoring to proactively monitor your web and mobile applications from tens of thousands of locations or from your own office. Using PurePath Technology, your synthetic and real-user transactions and applications are presented in the same context.

Know how 3rd parties or CDN affect your end-users

Know how 3rd parties or CDNs affect your end users” ; “ Monitor third party performance with the same clarity you would want for your own site.

  • Trace each request to third parties like ad providers and social networks, providing detailed tracking down to the individual page request.
  • Ensure a CDN is the best provider for a specific geography based on real user response times.
  • Receive live data on 3rd Party Service Calls, the response code and impact on End Users
  • Manage your SLAs by monitoring the availability of services in real-time. Violations can be automatically detected and alerted on.
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