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Atlas Services remote analysis reports from ExtraHop provide the regular application performance analysis that IT organizations need to operate proactively and enable continuous service improvement. The service is designed for ExtraHop customers and includes a comprehensive analysis report delivered monthly with specific recommendations for critical components across the application delivery chain.

ExtraHop remote analysis reports are a tremendous value. Download the datasheet to learn more.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to view a sample Atlas Services remote analysis report. 

Enable Continuous Service Improvement

Atlas Services remote analysis reports from ExtraHop change this dynamic by augmenting IT organizations’ analysis capabilities and resources. The report reflects the accumulated expertise of the ExtraHop support engineering team and engagements with IT organizations at dozens of Fortune 1000 companies. This PDF report is delivered monthly with analysis and specific recommendations for critical components, such as:

  • Web applications
  • Citrix VDI
  • Database servers
  • Storage infrastructure
  • Network infrastructure
  • Network services (DNS, LDAP, FTP, etc.)
  • Application communications

Atlas Service remote analysis engagements use the following methodology:

  • Baseline performance – The ExtraHop platform automatically discovers and classifies all the components in the application delivery chain and passively analyzes their performance. This measurement forms the basis for subsequent improvement.
  • Acute issue diagnosis – ExtraHop support engineers learn about an IT environment and use the ExtraHop platform to examine more than 85 performance metrics, identifying outliers in performance metrics that affect end-user experience.
  • Chronic issue diagnosis – In addition to acute issues, ExtraHop support engineers diagnose potential issues that the IT organization should monitor with alerts on their service dashboards.
  • Continual service improvement – ExtraHop support engineers identify opportunities for tuning and optimization to improve the efficiency and reliability of the application environment.
  • Action list – The report includes a list of recommended follow-up items for acute issues, chronic issues, and continual service improvement. The impact of implementing these recommendations can be measured immediately with the ExtraHop platform.
  • Post-action results – Subsequent reports provide a record of previous activity and recommendations, and report on the results of previously recommended changes.

Benefits of Proactive IT Operations

IT organizations can use the Atlas Service remote analysis reports to proactively resolve issues and drive continuous service improvement. In this way, IT Operations teams can add significant value to the business.

  • Spend more resources on IT innovation – With iterative and proactive improvements to their application environment, IT Operations teams will spend less time reacting to emergency issues and spend more time working on projects that provide tangible value to the business, such as enabling new product or service offerings.
  • Greater employee productivity and customer satisfaction – Continuous service improvement is essential to minimizing downtime and improving application response times.
  • Closer collaboration with business stakeholders – The visibility and control afforded by Atlas Services enables IT organizations to confidently answer questions and make commitments to support new services or products.
  • Improved communication among IT teams – Atlas Service reports provide a cross-tier view of performance across the entire application delivery chain so that network, application, database, storage, and virtualization teams have an objective basis for performance discussions.


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