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Context and Correlation Engine

Context and Correlation Engine

An all-in-one solution, ExtraHop features an architecture purpose-built for massively scalable transaction analysis.

The ExtraHop platform is engineered from the ground up to provide IT operational intelligence. Rather than using legacy technologies, such as NetFlow collection, SNMP polling, custom performance agents, or active service checks, the ExtraHop platform gathers the real-time operational intelligence needed to manage application and infrastructure performance from wire data, which is all L2-L7 communications between all systems, including the full bi-directional transactional payload. The ExtraHop platform performs full-stream reassembly and full-content analysis of network traffic to extract performance and health metrics that matter to IT Operations teams. Unlike other products, the ExtraHop platform analyzes application transactions continuously and in real time, at speeds up to a sustained 20Gbps.

IT organizations can easily extend the ExtraHop platform with solution modules that add specific functionality.

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