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Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

What do you consider to be an application? Is it code running on a server, or is it all the components of the delivery chain working together as an integral unit, from client devices to the back-end databases and storage? If you agree with the latter definition, then ExtraHop is for you.

Unlike tools that perform code-level instrumentation for a specific custom application, ExtraHop provides a holistic, real-time view of application performance for both custom and off-the-shelf applications. This real-time view of application performance is useful for all IT teams and works for both test and production environments.

Network World compared ExtraHop and four traditional APM vendors in a rigorous lab test. Find out the results.

Essential Components of APM

Application performance monitoring (APM) products are critical tools for today’s IT organizations. These APM solutions help to ensure the reliability and speed of business-critical applications in three key areas:

  • Proactive early warning
  • Faster troubleshooting
  • Support for continual improvement efforts

Operational Intelligence for APM

ExtraHop provides the real-time operational intelligence that IT teams need to monitor and manage application performance.

  • Eliminate the blame game with shared real-time visibility across all tiers of the application delivery chain, from the first DNS request to the last byte served from storage.
  • Solve problems quickly with real-time, transaction-level details such as URIs associated with HTTP 500 errors, slow SQL queries, or the location of corrupt files in network-attached storage.
  • Reduce risk for new application rollouts with the ability to identify misconfigurations and other issues that are not visible to traditional APM tools.
  • See application performance baselines, which are essential for making continual improvements, planning capacity, and architecting new application versions.
  • Scale monitoring automatically with ExtraHop’s passive 20Gbps solution with auto-discovery, auto-classification, and auto-dependency mapping.

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