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Securosis Report: Defending Against Network-Bbased Distributed Denial of Service Attacks

a10-logoBack in 2013 volumetric denial of service (DoS) attacks on networks were all the rage. ‘Hacktivists’ first used them effectively against Fortune 500 class banks, largely knocking down major banking brands for days at a time. But these companies quickly adapted and gained proficiency at defending themselves, so attackers shifted targets and bifurcated their tactics. They went after softer targets like public entities and smaller financial institutions. They also took on content delivery networks like CloudFlare with multi-hundred-gigabyte volumetric attacks leveraging new protocols (including DNS and NTP) and amplification techniques, just because they could.

Regardless of motivation attackers now have faster networks, bigger botnets, and increasingly effective tactics to magnify the impact of their DDoS attacks — organizations can no longer afford to ignore them. In this report we turn our attention to the network side of the house.

Look at the A10-WP-Securosis Report-Defending Against Network-based Distributed Denial of Service Attacks  White Paper here.

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