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Automation Change Manager

Increase Network Availability and Staff Efficiency

Too often, IT teams rely on complex custom programming that is difficult to build, hard to implement and costly to maintain.

Infoblox delivers practical network automation with our next generation automation engine and pre-built, GUI driven solutions. Automation Change Manager (ACM) automates attributes like change detection/logging, mass changes, job management and user permission controls. The system helps your organization minimize its reliance on complex programming and manual processes, and reduces the risks and costs of human error. No other network automation solution has the power, ease of use and dynamic capabilities of ACM.

Reduce Time, Risk and Costs of Manual Tasks

Automation Change Manager employs embedded expertise and customizable templates to execute basic and complex changes, helping IT teams reduce manual processes and create fewer unique scripts.  Automation Change Manager also allows you to import existing scripts, giving your network teams access to these for use at any time.

Enable Dynamic Requirements of Virtualization and Cloud Computing

Automation Change Manager supports the dynamic requirements of cloud computing and virtualization, and eliminates many of the time-consuming manual components for network change and configuration management.

Demonstrate Security Requirements, Document Changes, and Archive Configurations

Automation Change Manager documents all network changes as they occur and then archives configurations, helping prove security requirements and saving network teams the time-consuming and difficult task of a manual audit. The detailed documentation includes side-by-side comparisons of configurations to assist with audits and troubleshooting tasks.

Delegate Tasks and Retain Oversight

Senior IT staff members often handle most network management tasks because they worry less-experienced team members will make crucial mistakes. The Automation Task Board leverages GUI-enabled jobs that make delegation a reality.  The intuitive interface helps with common tasks such as network, port and VLAN provisioning.  ACM enhances SPM by providing specific, GUI-enabled tasks for port provisioning with intuitive vendor-agnostic tasks.


  • Includes Switch Port Manager‘s comprehensive multi-vendor network discovery, switch port capacity views and end-host management
  • Change monitoring and tracking shows who changed what, where and when it occurred
  • Collection and archiving of current and all historical configurations with easy-to-view, side-by-side comparison
  • Job creation, including dynamic template selection based on device, network attributes and location
  • Easily imports existing Perl scripts for access by additional staff
  • Automation of complex changes with dynamic templates or script variable population
  • User-based permission controls ensure individuals have access to only desired devices or locations
  • Job approval process for multiple authority level and peer review enforcement when needed
  • Single or multi-device change execution
  • Rollback option to return configuration settings to those of a previous template during a disaster recovery
  • Update real-time device configuration and attributes with CMDB

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