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Automate Network Change

The challenges facing today’s networks are varied and daunting: virtualization, IPv6, the consumerization of IT, the proliferation of devices, cloud computing, and on and on. The solution to ALL of them is simple: network automation. Once you relinquish manual processing, week-long troubleshooting inspections, and endless information gathering for audit reports, and replace all that work with an automated solution that accomplishes everything by itself, you’ll find those challenges have turned into opportunities.NetMRI from Infoblox takes a comprehensive approach to a multi-vendor network, and manages change and configuration automatically. With hundreds of built-in rules you can customize, along with industry best practices for compliance enforcement, this automated solution manages the configuration and compliance of all the devices on your network, physical and virtual, and takes human error completely out of the equationA single pane of glass GUI lets you see everything at any and all times, so you always know who is on your network, where and when, and what they’re doing there in real time. Prepare audit reports with a single click, and view current and archived historical configurations side-by-side for insightful analysis. NetMRI is your automated way to regain control over your dynamic network.

Clear Insight Into Changing Networks

NetMRI detects and tracks all network changes—including who changed what, where and when—and saves every historical device configuration. This automated network change and configuration management also includes embedded jobs, scripts and customizable templates to help you move away from manual CLI-based changes.

Dynamic Inventory and Detection

Instead of manual spreadsheets and generic ping sweeps, NetMRI offers complete network discovery and dynamic inventory for multi-vendor, Layer 2 and Layer 3 network elements. User-friendly analysis and graphical views provide rich information on network elements, including devices, VLANs, routes, routing tables, HSRP/VRRP peers, subnets, OS and models.

Detect Symptoms Before They Become Faults

NetMRI identifies and exposes lurking and intermittent problems caused by poor network configurations, which are typically difficult to troubleshoot. Using built-in expertise and analytic techniques to identify network issues and poor configurations, NetMRI detects symptoms before they evolve into faults.

Instant Alerts to Compliance Rule Violations

NetMRI automates network compliance and standardization with built-in rules and templates for common standards, including PCI, NSA, SANS, DISA and others, and allows you to create custom policies and reports. NetMRI passes each rule across selected network devices 24/7.  NetMRI streamlines the audit process as well, generating reports for internal standards and external mandates (such as SOX, HIPAA, FERC and NERC) with a single click.


Determine Used, Free and Available Ports

NetMRI includes Infoblox’s Switch Port Manager, helps easily identify and locate rogue devices or use device forensics for troubleshooting. With this functionality, NetMRI now monitors all end devices to determine used, free and available ports,  allowing IT teams to plan capacity with more assurance and insight.


  • Scalable architecture for large, complex networks with NetMRI Operations Center
  • Automatic network discovery for multi-vendor network devices with multi-perspective topology views
  • Built-in expert analysis of network configuration and health assessments
  • Standard and custom rules and reporting for faster compliance analysis
  • Change monitoring and tracking for who changed what, where, when and the impact of the change on the health of the network
  • Collection and archiving of network devices’ current and past configuration files with easy side-by-side comparison
  • Automatic network problem identification with auto-remediation options
  • Built-in packaged scripts to perform tasks including OS upgrades, password changes and many others
  • Job scheduling, approval and peer-review enforcement
  • Executive-level dashboards that show correlation of change with network health and compliance, overall network score and other high-level views
  • In-bound and out-bound API support for third-party solutions
  • Integrated with Trinzic DDI for auto-sync to IPAM database and enhanced automation for common network tasks

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