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Trinzic™ IPAM for Microsoft

IPAM Address Management and Enhanced Reliability for Microsoft Environments

With an explosion of IP addresses – driven by an increase in applications and devices and a move to virtual environments – many organizations struggle to manage and deliver high availability network services with their Microsoft-based DNS and DHCP servers. Organizations that maintain their existing deployment of Microsoft DNS/DHCP servers find they need to add technology to make their Microsoft environments more secure, scalable and redundant. They also need to have a scalable and automated IP address management to handle the increasing number of IP addresses.

Thousands of organizations around the world are using Infoblox’s technology to improve their Microsoft DNS and DHCP services and to successfully manage DNS/DHCP-based appliances. Infoblox, a Microsoft Gold partner, developed Trinzic IPAM for Microsoft to allow network administrators to centrally manage Microsoft DNS and DHCP services with Infoblox appliances. The Trinzic IPAM for Microsoft solution delivers granular capabilities not available in Microsoft’s management suite, such as centralized IP address management and role-based access control.

Agentless IP Address Management for Microsoft

Trinzic IPAM for Microsoft delivers what you don’t get with Microsoft—powerful and centralized IP Address Management, without changes to your current Microsoft environment. The product requires no additional software for the Microsoft DNS/DHCP servers or Windows host, and causes no impact since it uses RPC (Remote Procedure Calls) via DCOM, which is the same method used by Microsoft to manage their DNS/DHCP via the MMC tool. This approach leads to easier deployment and guarantees tight integration with Microsoft.

Centralized Management of Both Microsoft and Infoblox DNS/DHCP Services

With Infoblox’s web-based management interface, a system administrator can manage Microsoft and Infoblox DNS/DHCP services and IP addresses from a single location. This tight integration lets corporations to maintain their existing Microsoft DNS/DHCP servers while taking advantage of the additional services provided by Infoblox appliances. For example, any DNS changes made on Infoblox appliance will propagate to the appropriate Microsoft stand-alone or Active Directory DNS server.

Trinzic IPAM for Microsoft has full support for Microsoft Split-Scope, allowing the administrator to synchronize existing split-scopes for continued management within a single network view, including: Microsoft Servers, Exclusions, Reservations and Utilization. The single Split-Scope view lets the administrator view and correct the Split-Scope when there are overlaps or gaps. It will automatically detect a Microsoft defined Split-Scope (i.e. two servers with total network exclusion equaling 100%) and mark it as proper Split-Scope.

Granular Reporting, Automatic Error Checking, Auditing, and Control over User Roles and Permissions

Trinzic IPAM for Microsoft includes extensive reporting and auditing capabilities. The solution automatically logs all IP-related operations for compliance and reporting. The software contains granular control capabilities, permitting specific operations to be assigned to specific administrators. For example, a DNS administrator can be given full access to administer an entire DNS zone or can be given limited permission to administer only an A record within that zone. This ability to refine at such a granular level affords an extra level of security not available on a Microsoft DNS server.

Discovery and Visualization of Network Devices

Through an elegant web-based GUI, Trinzic IPAM for Microsoft displays physical devices and virtual machines. With virtual machine discovery and the use of Smart Folders, system administrators can create collections of virtual resources to be grouped by VMware Datacenter, switch port and VLAN. The visual interface makes it easy to see accessible devices, identify efforts, and assess options to fix problems.

High Availability when Used in a Grid™ Deployment

The Infoblox Grid provides resilient network services, failover, recovery and seamless maintenance for an Infoblox deployment inside a single building, across a networked campus or between remote locations. When deployed in a Grid environment, Trinzic IPAM for Microsoft ensures that data obtained from a Microsoft DNS/DHCP server becomes part of the Grid’s distributed database.


  • Agentless IPAM for Microsoft
  • Centralized management of both Microsoft and Infoblox
  • Support for Microsoft Split-Scope
  • Network maps, IP maps, Smart Folders and other advanced visuals for visibility into the usage and configuration of IP resources
  • Secure remote administration through a web browser
  • Customizable management GUI for different types of administrators
  • Extensive reporting and auditing capabilities
  • Granular control over users and permission
  • Elegant visualization of discovered network devices and virtual machines through IPAM
  • Highly available, reliable and fault tolerance when deployed in a Grid™ environment

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