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Indigo Pro - Net Optics' management solution providing insight into, dashboard, and rich visualization of traffic statistics that are emitted from Net Optics TAPs, Data Monitoring Switches and Network Controller Switches throughout the network

Net Optics Indigo Pro is a unified management platform that enables centralized monitoring and configuration of few to many Net Optics devices, including network controller switches, network packet brokers, physical and virtual network taps and third party devices. From a single management console, Indigo Pro provides device configuration and element management, event and fault management, bulk upgrades of device software, an integrated device view, and rich graphical visualization of network statistics. Indigo Pro can be delivered as either a physical appliance or a software-based virtual appliance using multiple hypervisor tools.

Using Indigo Pro together with Net Optics taps, controller switches and Network Packet Brokers (NPBs) simplifies administration complexity associated with configuring and upgrading each device separately and helps achieve a higher ROI gained from overall time and cost savings.Indigo Pro Director Stats

Automatic Discovery

Indigo Pro automatically identifies supported Net Optics and third-party devices throughout the network and quickly adapts to any device added, removed or taken offline. A dynamic topology map displays the devices and provides a detailed device status and configuration information. This allows for easy deployment and immediate access to managed devices.

Device Configuration Management

Indigo Pro provides many of the configuration options otherwise provided by the devices, including filter settings, port management, user authentication, software updates, event management and graphical display of network activity. These provide complete visibility and control over the data flowing in and out of your supported Net Optics devices and optimizes ongoing administration and maintenance.

Event Management

Indigo Pro collects and displays event messages and generates alerts that allow you to take immediate action to remedy network faults. Events can be filtered by severity and be forwarded to email or IP address of choice for instant troubleshooting. You can also set threshold alarms to condition alarm triggering based on pre-configured criteria.

Rich Visualization of Network Statistics

Indigo Pro gathers data in real time from Net Optics traffic access devices, archives it in a database and then presents these statistics in rich graphical formats through a Web browser interface. Key traffic statistics include bandwidth utilization, byte and packet counts, errors, and jumbo frames. These statistics can be used for trend analysis, compliance records and future capacity planning.

Indigo Pro- Geo Stats

Centralized Execution of Software Updates

Indigo Pro allows you to schedule bulk software upgrades for different Net Optics products, as well as applying user-created scripts and policies on multiple devices. This automates the time-consuming update process and saves precious administrative work.

Smart User Management

All user actions are inspected and audited against role-based profiles and logged to an audit trail. Integration with AAA servers including RADIUS, TACACS+ and LDAP ensures authentication and security for users of these servers as well.

Deployment as Physical or Virtual Appliance

Indigo Pro is delivered either as a physical appliance or as a virtual appliance in VMware or Xen-compatible format. As a virtual appliance, Indigo Pro deploys instantly using Hypervisor tools with no added rack space, no added power or cabling cost.

– See more at: http://www.netoptics.com/products/network-management/indigo-pro#sthash.FFgcLYDA.dpuf

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