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Network Intelligence Optimization

A Visionary, Systems-Approach to Scaling Network Intelligence Optimization

The universe of network intelligence toolsperforms critical analytics, security, and WAN acceleration functions. They are the central nervous system of today’s IP networks and data centers. The challenge now is to control the CAPEX and OPEX to deploy, utilize and maintain all the tools required, particularly as IP convergence grows in size and complexity. VSS solves this by providing Network Intelligence Optimization.

Scalable Network Intelligence

VSS Monitoring is the world leader in Network Intelligence Optimization for network service operators, global enterprises, and governments. We provide a visionary, systems-based and highly scalable approach to optimizing the connections between your network switching and your network intelligence tools, eliminating the limited, inefficient and complex 1:1 approach used in the past.

Customers deploy our Network Intelligence Optimization Systems to make optimal use of their tools, simplifying operations, increasing efficiencies and achieving a higher cost savings. By making network intelligence more scalable, VSS makes networks more scalable.

System Architecture Innovation

The key differentiator behind the VSS systems-based approach is its IntelliScale Architecture. The technology provides unique benefits to VSS systems:

  • Industry-leading scalability; can start small and grow with the largest network deployments.
  • Industry-leading ROI; greater CAPEX and OPEX savings.
  • Industry-leading reliability; multi-level redundancy ensures no single point of failure.



Flexibility Highly modular system design enables plug-n-play expansion
Optimizes entire network intelligence universe of analytic, inline security, and WAN acceleration tools
Resilience Self-healing fault tolerance, built-in multiple levels of the system


Highest scalability in the industry; can start small and grow to the largest network deployment Greater CAPEX and OPEX savings; highest ROI in the industry Highest reliability in the industry; multi-level redundancy ensures no single point of failure

Unique Benefits and Attributes of VSS Systems

The IntelliScale Architecture provides VSS systems with the three major innovations:

  • Modular Flexibility – highly modular system design enables plug-n-play expansion.
  • Coverage Completeness – optimizes the entire network intelligence universe of analytics, inline security, and WAN acceleration tools.
  • Self-Healing Reliability – built-in fault tolerance at multiple levels; at node-level, link-level, and system-level.

Optimized Configurations for You

Because of these system innovations, the VSS IntelliScale Architecturesupports more Optimization Configurations than any other approach, leading to higher ROI solutions to address the priority challenges facing network and data center managers.

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