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The Best Open Source Security Tools, all Built-In

In order to reduce time to visibility, AlienVault provides 5 essential security capabilities already built-in to the USM Framework. All the best open source security tools have been integrated for easier asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, threat detection, behavioral monitoring, and security intelligence.

If you already have existing investments or alternative security controls you prefer, these controls can easily be integrated into AV-USM™ using the AlienVault USM Extension API.

Next, learn more about each of these capabilities:

  • Asset Discovery provides an automated way to create an inventory of critical assets running in your environment
  • Vulnerability Assessment provides an understanding of which assets are vulnerable to attacks
  • Threat Detection provides a way to understand which systems are being targeted by hackers and what attacks those hackers are using
  • Behavioral Monitoring provides an understanding of how your systems operate to easily detect changes in behavior that could be caused by malicious activities (internal or external actors)
  • Security Intelligence provides a meaningful way to correlate all of this information and provide targeted alerts and reports on what your security experts need to do first.

“Meet AlienVault OSSIM, a complex security system designed to make your life simpler….With OSSIM, AlienVault has harnessed the capabilities of several popular security packages and created an “intelligence” that translates, analyzes and organizes the data in unique and customizable ways that most SIMs cannot.” -Jeramiah Bowling, Linux Journal

Next, learn how AlienVault architectural components – the Agent, Sensor, Logger and SIEM Correlation Engine & Console implement and use these capabilities.

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