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AlienVault Solution

Hackers on the horizon? Auditors at the door ? Short of staff ? Budgets squeezed ?

Whether you are looking for a fast and easy solution for compliance or better visibility for threat management, we can help.

AlienVault Solutions include Software, Support and Services to ensure your Success

The AlienVault Compliance Management Solution helps you quickly, easily and cost effectively deploy all the security controls you need for compliance, forensically store logs and generate real-time reports to demonstrate the regulatory status of your systems.

The AlienVault Professional Threat Management Solution comes with all the security controls you may need to fill gaps or expand visibility cost-effectively to more parts of your infrastructure, enabling you to better manage risk in your virtual Security Operations Center.

“AlienVault’s built-in VA and IDS capabilities save the city money that would otherwise be spent on additional products. Plus, the AlienVault feed provides more effective correlation rules out of the box… which is important because we don’t have a lot of people to help us.”

– Brian Cao, Systems Programmer, City of Los Angeles

Both Solutions are based on AV-USM

And the AlienVault Unified Security Management Platform™ (AV-USM™), includes:

  • 5 Essential security capabilities built-in (from asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, threat detection, to behavioral monitoring and security intelligence), to plug any gaps in your existing controls.
  • A unified framework and a single console through which you can more easily and efficiently configure, manage and operate all your security controls.
  • An open extension API that gives all of us the ability to integrate all the latest open source or commercial best of breed security controls into the platform. This architecture also gives you the flexibility to integrate any existing controls or legacy applications you may need to support.
  • The AlienVault Open Threat Exchange™ (AV-OTX™) for collaborative defense – a safe and easy mechanism for sharing attack information and protecting your assets with the most accurate threat intelligence.

Next, learn more about how the AlienVault Unified Security Management Platform™ (AV-USM™) can make threat management and compliance fast, easy and affordable for you.

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