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Compliance Management

Automate and accelerate compliance. Good for you. Good for your auditor.

Compliance Management for HIPAAAchieving compliance is challenging – especially for organizations managing competing priorities, limited budgets, and small IT security teams. The secret to success is to simplify, consolidate, and automate the essential security controls to unify visibility and effectively prioritize remediation efforts. The AlienVault Unified Security Management™ (USM™) solution automatically identifies important audit events in real-time, reports them and alerts on events that warrant immediate action.

Although specific requirements may vary slightly from each standard to the next, AlienVault USM can help you quickly achieve comprehensive compliance by building in asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, threat detection, behavioral monitoring, log management, and file integrity monitoring – all in a single platform and console view.

Compliance benefits of AlienVault USM:

  • Provides flexible reporting and executive dashboards to make audits painless
  • Discovers all critical assets in your organization, and continually assesses them for vulnerabilities
  • Detects threats with wireless, host-based, and network-based IDS
  • Monitors for disruptions & intrusions using network traffic monitoring and file integrity monitoring
  • Provides security intelligence for SIEM correlation, incident management, reporting, and alerting
  • Demonstrates compliance by evaluating security controls in real-time
  • Securely preserves raw log data to meet data retention and log management requirements

Accelerate your audit programs for PCI DSS, HIPAA, ISO 27002, SOX, GPG 13, and more by unifying your defenses with AlienVault USM.



Continuous compliance with USM

Meeting, managing and demonstrating compliance is often a manual process that requires the aggregation of multiple systems into a single view. Additionally, this process forces many organizations to be in a constant reactive mindset – whether that’s in response to a failed audit or to prep for an upcoming one.

At AlienVault, we offer a more sane approach to compliance management. We believe that continuous compliance is possible – provided that the necessary security controls are included in your monitoring and reporting solution. Rather than having a set of disparate security products to manage, AlienVault USM delivers all of the essential security capabilities into a single platform – saving you the time, cost and complexity of bringing all of this together on your own. By building these essential security capabilities into a complete solution, AlienVault USM delivers a workflow-centric solution that materially reduces time to compliance versus a homegrown solution stitched together from individual point products.

With AlienVault USM, you can quickly get answers to the critical questions that are required for compliance:

  • Where do your critical assets live, how are they’re configured, and how are they segmented from the rest of your network?
  • Who accesses these resources (and the other W’s… when, where, what can they do, why and how)?
  • What are the vulnerabilities that impact your compliance status?
  • Where are these vulnerabilities – across your networks – on apps, devices, etc.?
  • What constitutes your network baseline?
  • What is considered “normal/acceptable”?
  • Which users are violating your policy?
  • What are your privileged users doing?

Additionally, we offer hundreds of built-in compliance reports for managing your PCI-DSS, ISO, SOX, HIPAA or GPG 13 programs. These are automatically updated as asset and vulnerability assessment data changes, and can be quickly customized based on your own compliance priorities. Here are just a few of our compliance reporting features:

  • Report templates for PCI-DSS, ISO 27002, HIPAA, and more
  • Web-based executive dashboards with “click through” detail
  • Custom report queries and fast searches
  • Auto-report generation and distribution (PDF, EMAIL, HTML, etc.)
  • Role-based access control for customized views

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