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Security Intelligence & AutomationBuilt-in essential security & automation. Now that’s intelligent.

Security analysts are a lot like detectives. During security incidents and investigations, they need to get to “whodunit” as quickly as possible. This is complicated, especially when mountains of security-relevant data are constantly being produced. Context is key: one piece of information by itself may mean nothing, but then again, it may become a very important piece of a larger puzzle.

Automated security intelligence is an essential part of putting that puzzle together. By automating the correlation of real-time events identified through built-in essential security, AlienVault’s Unified Security Management™ (USM™) platform provides the security analyst with all of the puzzle pieces in one single view.



Dynamic incident response guidance. For every alert.

Security Intelligence with Dynamic Incident Response GuidanceBeing a security analyst isn’t easy. There are often so many items to respond to, it’s hard to know what to do next. AlienVault’s dynamic incident response guidance can help.

For each alert that is generated by the AlienVault USM event correlation engine, customized step-by-step instructions are listed in our console. By providing contextually relevant workflow-driven response procedures, analysts know exactly what to do next. The AlienVault Labs research team has curated these how-to-respond instructions based on rich CSIRT experience, as well as our own emerging threat intelligence.

For example, an alert might identify that a specific host on your internal network is attempting to connect to an external host that is in the AlienVault Open Threat Exchange IP Reputation database, and therefore associated with exploitative behavior. The dynamic incident response guidance would include details about:

  • The internal host such as owner, network segment, and software that is installed
  • The network protocol in use and specific risks associated with it
  • The external host and what exploits it has executed in the past
  • The importance of identifying potential C2 (command and control) traffic
  • Specific actions to take for further investigation and threat containment – and why you should take them

Security intelligence in action.

Security IntelligenceTo demonstrate the power of AlienVault’s unified security intelligence, consider the following example:

  • A port scan is detected by the firewall.
  • The source address of the scan is correlated with the destination address of an SSH session from an internal host. A lookup in an automated asset inventory automatically identifies the risk profile of the internal host – the host is critical to business operations creating a critical security incident.
  • The compromised host is then scanned for other vulnerabilities and it is found to be missing a critical security patch.
  • The compromised host is patched and returned to service.
  • A complete forensic analysis for the past 30 days is run for the compromised host to determine if additional corrective action is required.
  • The incident is automatically reported to the AlienVault Labs OTX so other OTX-enabled AlienVault installations are protected from a similar exploit.

This whole process is run from AlienVault’s unified management console.

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