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Threat Detection

Threat DetectionStay ahead of the threat. Unify your defenses.

In today’s rapidly changing threat landscape, maintaining a secure and compliant environment is full of challenges.

  • How do you know when new systems connect to your network?
  • Are there vulnerable systems on your network?
  • Which part of your network is being targeted?
  • How do you maintain visibility into network operations to quickly spot anomalies?
  • Can you correlate data from multiple systems to identify potential issues?
  • Are you automatically notified of threats others have encountered before they impact your operations?

AlienVault USM can help you answer YES to each of these questions.



Global threat intelligence that’s localized for you.

By combining threat detection functionality with automated asset discovery and vulnerability data, AlienVault’s Unified Security Management™ platform (USM) delivers a complete view into the security of your environment.

Global Threat IntelligenceAlienVault uses a variety of technologies to gather information on a variety of threat vectors, so that you instantly know the who, what, where, when and how of these attacks.

  • Network Intrusion Detection (IDS) – analyzes the network traffic to detect signatures of known attacks and patterns that indicate malicious activity. Using field-proven IDS technologies, we identify attacks, malware, policy violations and port scans by performing signature, anomaly and protocol analysis.
  • Wireless Intrusion Detection (WIDS) – monitors wireless traffic to identify rogue network access points, detect wireless clients, associated networks and encryption being used. This capability allows for the quick discovery of policy violations and other anomalous behavior that could signal a threat or exploit such as break-in attempts against your wireless networks and access points.
  • Host-based Intrusion Detection (HIDS) and File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) – analyze system behavior and configuration to identify behavior that could indicate compromise. This includes the ability to identify:
    • Potential system compromise
    • Modification of critical configuration files
    • Common rootkits
    • Rogue processes
    • Policy violations

Collaborative defense for better security.

The industry’s general lack of security information sharing has long given attackers 
a tactical

Collaborative Defense

advantage— refining their exploit on one organization without tipping off other potential targets. AlienVault’s Open Threat Exchange™ (OTX™) is built into the USM Platform, enabling anonymous sharing of threat intelligence. USM’s interface to OTX shares and receives threat updates from installations across more than 80 countries. Whenever an attack is observed by an OTX participant, the information is sent to AlienVault Labs for validation and is distributed to all other OTX participants. A collaborative defense model offers an improved level of security – for all of us.


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