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Threat Management

Consolidated threat management for coordinated incident response

Consolidated Threat ManagementOrganizations today face a stark reality: The global theater of risk continues to expand exponentially—but security budgets, only incrementally. As organizations come to terms with the fact that gaps will always exist in what they can cover with limited funds, they must look beyond traditional solutions and rethink approaches to their security program. Coordinated incident response allows organizations to address emerging risks, mitigate impact as it happens, and utilize a cost-effective approach to their security program.

Thanks to AlienVault Unified Security Management (USM), you can achieve coordinated incident response with built-in security monitoring technologies, emerging threat intelligence from AlienVault Labs, and seamless workflow for rapid remediation.  Consolidating threat detection capabilities like network-based IDS (NIDS), host-based IDS (HIDS), and wireless IDS (WIDS) with granular asset information, continuous vulnerability assessment, and behavioral monitoring provides the complete view necessary for effective response.

With AlienVault USM, you can quickly:

  • Identify, isolate, and investigate indicators of exposure (IoEs) and indicators of compromise (IoCs)
  • Correlate asset information with built-in vulnerability scan data and AlienVault OTX IP Reputation to better prioritize response efforts
  • Respond to emerging threats with detailed, customized “how to” guidance for each alert
  • Validate that existing security controls are functioning as expected
  • Demonstrate to auditors and management that your incident response program is robust and reliable



Fuel your incident response program with emerging threat intelligence

Without dynamic threat intelligence aggregated from across the world, any threat management program remains woefully incomplete – without focus or prioritization. Organizations need to understand WHO the bad actors are, WHAT to focus on, HOW to respond when threats are detected and WHERE threats may reside within their networks.

Emerging Threat IntelligenceAt AlienVault, we believe in the power of shared intelligence. The AlienVault Labs is the engine that enables this sharing of intelligence with real-time threat research and discoveries. Our team of security experts, practitioners, and researchers aggregates and analyzes the volumes of threat data that is compiled from the thousands of USM and OSSIM deployments around the world. Their focus has led to the discovery of some major zero day exploits such as Sykipot, the Internet Explorer zero day and other exploits. They’ve also investigated the source of these exploits and shared this intelligence extensively in the media. Specifically, the threat intelligence gathered by AlienVault Labs is shared through the AlienVault Labs blog, threat intelligence subscription for our unified security management products and our Open Threat Exchange (OTX). Combined, these three areas of threat intelligence provide the WHO, theWHAT, the WHERE, and the HOW of cyber threats.

With automated threat intelligence from AlienVault Labs, AlienVault USM customers can identify key IoEs and IoEs such as:

  • Command and control activity (C2 traffic)
  • Suspicious system activity which could connote system compromise
  • Unauthorized access attempts by authorized user accounts
  • Escalation of privilege for specific user accounts
  • Abnormal network flows and protocol usage
  • Malware infections (botnets, Trojans, rootkits, and more)

Additionally, thanks to our built-in event correlation rules, you can detect specific sequences of any of the above indicators to capture advanced persistent threats (APTs) and low-and-slow attacks missed by the point solution vendors.

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