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Unified Security Management Platform

The most effective way to protect against the threat of modern hackers

The AlienVault Unified Security Management ™ (AV-USM™) platform, based on the OSSIM open-source project, has the best open-source security controls built in. Together, they provide 5 essential security capabilities – asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, threat detection, behavioral monitoring, and security intelligence – to protect your enterprise with minimal integration and deployment overhead.

In the world of security there is always the latest tool that promises to protect you from the newest threat. However, these new tools rarely provide all of the protection you truly need. Additionally, these tools can easily exceed your budget and are time consuming to integrate.

We have taken a different approach. Using our real-world experience and customer input, we have built in all the security tools that we believe you need and have ensured that they work seamlessly together to protect your organization.

“We selected AlienVault after a detailed study of different companies. AlienVault is a comprehensive solution, not just a simple tool. It integrates many simple tools for multiple purposes. This gives us important and fundamental benefits, as classified military systems are subject to strong national and NATO regulations and must meet very strict security requirements.”
– Colonel Jesús M. González Pérez, Army Head of Cyber Defence, Ministry of Defence, Spain

3 components, 1 powerful Platform

The AV-USM platform consists of 3 components – the USM™ Framework, the USM Extension API, and the AlienVault Open Threat Exchange™ (AV-OTX™).

The USM Framework

The USM Framework addresses the issue at the core of most security programs: the overhead necessary to maintain large deployments of security controls. The framework provides an abstraction layer allowing for the unified configuration and management of all built-in security controls – IDS, HIDS, network vulnerability scanning, network asset scanning, network flow monitoring, network traffic capture and host-based inventory agents – covering all 5 essential security capabilities:

  • Asset Discovery provides an automated way to create an inventory of critical assets running in your environment
  • Vulnerability Assessment provides an understanding of which assets are vulnerable to attacks
  • Threat Detection provides a way to understand which systems are being targeted by hackers and what attacks those hackers are using
  • Behavioral Monitoring provides an understanding of how your systems operate to easily detect changes in behavior that could be caused by malicious activities (internal or external actors)
  • Security Intelligence provides a meaningful way to correlate all of this information and provide targeted alerts and reports on what your security experts need to do first

A single console built on this unified interface substantially reduces the overhead necessary to maintain large deployments of these controls and allows our most valuable resource, the security experts, to spend less time maintaining and more time securing!

The USM Extension API

The USM Extension API ensures that no matter what controls you already have in place, the AV-USM can integrate these controls and reduce management overhead by giving analysts and administrators access to the same level of support for your existing controls as comes with built-in controls.

The AlienVault Open Threat Exchange™ (AV-OTX™)

The AlienVault Open Threat Exchange™ (AV-OTX™) enables the AV-USM to perform collaborative defense. Users of the platform can opt-in to this program to share anonymous information related to detected attack patterns and malicious actors. The AlienVault Labs research team refines this data and provides all participants a global reputation feed, sharing intelligence on who is attacking and how, in order to improve our defenses.

“AlienVault has a great compliance solution with which we were able to improve our Security Model. With so many network and security tools working together within the AlienVault platform, Our SOC is detecting and responding to attacks in a timely manner, allowing us to focus on the most important risks that are impacting our organization”
– Javier Diaz Evans, Director of Information Security, A Toda Hora

All three components in a single platform deliver immediate situational awareness and minimize the time it takes to start mitigating the threats. The result is the ability to deploy the system, understand your security posture, and start reacting to threats without wasting more time deploying or integrating security controls.

Watch a demo of the 5 essential security capabilities that are built-in to AV-USM or learn how these capabilities are implemented and used by components of the AlienVault architecture.

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