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Identity and access management software helps organizations gain visibility and control of who has access to which applications and data in their enterprise. And, they need a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective way to automate key activities across the identity and access management lifecycle.

Specifically, they have two primary requirements: First, they need to ensure that each user’s ability to connect to applications, perform activities within those applications, and access corporate data is appropriate to their job function and is compliant with policies. Second, they need a platform which provides policy-based automation, in order to reliably and efficiently execute identity management business processes.

However, doing so is not easy ā€“ there are a number of challenges, and a number of different audiences whose requirements must be simultaneously met. In addition, Enterprises have realized that they must shift access decision-making responsibility from IT to the line-of-business, and that traditional vendor solutions have not adequately met their needs.


Scope and Scale

Organizations, even those with a relatively modest number of users, often find their identity and access management approaches stymied by the sheer number of user entitlements and roles which must be collected, validated, managed, and changed. For instance, an organization with just 5,000 users could easily have several million fine-grained entitlements. In addition to struggling with entitlements, InfoSec teams are also often unable to easily connect their identity management systems with all the applications, data resources, and platforms for which user access must be managed.


Today’s organizations are constantly in motion, along two dimensions. First, there are the natural organizational lifecycle activities, as employees Join or Leave the company, Move between roles, and as contingent workers come and go. At the same time that InfoSec is trying to manage these changes, the IT infrastructure is continually undergoing changes (such as the introduction of cloud-based SaaS Applications), and the set of compliance & security requirements are also changing. This is further complicated by periodic organizational changes such as M&A activities, or business unit reorganizations.

Taking an IT-Centric Approach

Finally, many organizations have been stymied by those solutions offered by traditional identity management vendors. These solutions have typically been focused solely on meeting IT needs, and automating IT activities. While IT automation is certainly necessary, it’s not sufficient — enterprises today recognize that they must involve the line-of-business in making access decisions. They realize that business managers (and not IT) are the ones with full business context and organizational knowledge, and that these business managers must be enabled to make decisions about who has access to what, within a framework of policies and controls defined by InfoSec. However, traditional vendor solutions have fallen short of these goals.

Given these substantial challenges, it’s no wonder that in so many organizations, the Information Security team struggles to meet the needs of all their key stakeholders — Business Users & Managers, the Audit, Risk & Compliance team, and IT.

The right way to meet these challenges is through a new approach ā€“ Business-Driven Identity and Access Management.

To learn more about how Aveksa approaches business-driven identity and access management, watch the three-minute video or read our whitepaper.

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