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Virtual Security

Security Gateway Virtual Edition

Enforce security for dynamic virtualized environments

  • Plug-&-Play security for virtual machines requiring no network changes
  • Preserve security with zero downtime during virtual machine live migration
  • Ensure newly added virtual machines are protected with automatic security policy enforcement

Software Blade Architecture delivers comprehensive security to protect inter-VM traffic

  • Granular firewall policies protect against both internal and external threats
  • Secure host virtual machines as well as external networks and assets
  • Integrated intrusion prevention protects against malicious and unwanted network activity

Single Management for physical and virtualized environments

  • Simplify security management with unified administration of physical and virtualized environments
  • Clear separation of administrative functions between virtualization and security admins
  • Accelerate auditing and achieve compliance with tailored reporting for the virtual infrastructure

Inter-VM Traffic Inspection

Ensure virtual machine security by inspecting all inter-VM traffic with granular firewall policies and integrated best-in-class intrusion prevention. Security Gateway VE utilizes VMware’s VMsafetechnology to seamlessly enforce security within the hypervisor.

Using external security appliances to inspect inter-VM traffic impacts performance and complicates topology. With VE, this complexity is avoided, boosting performance by inspecting virtual machine traffic inside the virtual system.

Security Gateway VE enables you to separate virtual applications, protecting them from each other as well as external threats. Integrated IPS utilizes signature and protocol-anomaly-based intrusion prevention to protect business-critical services like FTP, HTTP, and VoIP from known and unknown attacks. Check Point Update Services provide real-time updates to keep protections current with the latest defenses.

Enforce security for dynamic virtualized environments

Virtual machine protection is continuous during live migration of virtual machines from one host to another and when new virtual machines are added. Full support for VMware VMotion and DRS allows the security policy to be enforced while maintaining open connections. This also ensures zero down time when virtual machines are moved from host to host for maintenance and dynamic resource allocation.

Virtual machines are so easy to create that it sometimes leads to VM sprawl. Security Gateway VE alleviates this concern by ensuring that newly added virtual machines are segregated from existing VM’s with automatic security policy enforcement.

Full Virtualized Security Gateway

Security Gateway VE provides comprehensive security based on Software Blade architecture protecting both inter-VM traffic and external networks and assets. In addition to seemless hypervisor-layer security, VE also provides the flexibility to be deployed as a Layer 2 or Layer 3 default gateway.

Security Gateway VE simplifies security deployments by consolidating proven security functions within a single solution streamlining deployment and administration. Virtual machines are protected from external threats as well as from each other with best-in-class integrated firewall, IPS, VPN, anti-virus, anti-spam, URL filtering and web security. Where separation of servers and data is required for compliance, VE protects segregated applications and information from one another without the need for physical security appliances.

Plug-&-Play security for virtual machines

Plug-&-Play security for virtual machines requiring no network changes. Security Gateway VE reduces administration overhead by automatically applying security to virtual machines without the need to change network topology configuration for the VM’s, VLAN’s or VSwitches.

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