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Application Identity Manager

With Application Identity Manager you can eliminate hard-coded and visible credentials from scripts, jobs and applications. Moreover, push updated credentials to configuration files, databases and 3rd party applications where code changes are not feasible.


In today’s complex IT environments, multiple scripts, processes and applications, need to access multiplatform resources, to retrieve and store sensitive information. Such applications are  granted use of dedicated accounts, usually allowing unlimited access to sensitive information stored in corporate databases, and these accounts are usually embedded inside the application code, scripts, services, data sources, configuration files and more. These accounts often give access to an enterprise’s most sensitive assets and as a result are often the victim of ongoing targeted attacks. Indeed, many of the recent sophisticated attacks reported stemmed from the compromise of hard-coded privileged credentials.

Securing, managing and automatically replacing these hard-coded credentials impose significant challenges and a major overhead to IT departments. As a result, up to 42% of enterprises report that they never change hard-coded and embedded passwords for application IDs, testing scripts and batch jobs.

Mismanaged App2App passwords impose great risks to organizations including:

Failed Audits. Hard-coded and embedded passwords pose serious auditing challenges to
organizations. The PCI Data Security Standard, for instance, specifically instructs enterprises
to develop and maintain secure systems and applications, remove any custom usernames and passwords from applications, including the enforcement of strong access control and authentication mechanisms on systems accessing cardholders’ data.

Lack of Accountability. Application passwords may be required for use by IT personnel or
developers for troubleshooting and emergency cases. Existing solutions provide very limited
auditing and control for such scenarios.

Security Risks. App2App passwords are almost never changed and often stored in clear text and known by a wide variety of IT personnel, developers and regular end-users as well as many ex-employees or external sub-contractors. Any attempt to change hard-coded passwords would usually require code changes which could negatively impact production systems, resulting in continuous downtime to critical business applications.

Elevated Damage Threat. Application accounts are powerful accounts with almost unlimited
access to backend systems. Compromising the application account may lead to uncontrolled
access to highly-sensitive business information and to severe damages.


Cyber-Ark’s market-leading Application Identity Manager (AIM) fully addresses the security challenges of eliminating hard-coded application credentials with a proven enterprise-ready solution for smooth deployment across your data center. With AIM you can:

Approach Compliance with Confidence. Organizations can comply with internal and regulatory requirements for regularly replacing passwords and securely monitoring privileged access.

Eliminate Internal and External Threats. Ensure your critical business systems with your most sensitive data are tightly protected by eliminating the need to store App2App passwords and encryption keys found in applications, scripts or configuration files.

Do Business Better. Secure your core business systems while they continue running with  unparalleled availability and performance in App2App processes, independent of network availability.


Application Identity Manager is part of the market leading Privileged Identity Management Suite,
a full lifecycle solution for centrally managing an  organization’s privileged and shared identities,
granular access control for superusers , as well as embedded passwords found in applications
and scripts. PIM Suite 7.0 is an enterprise-class, unified policy-based solution that secures, manages and monitors all privileged accounts and activities associated with datacenter management whether on-premise or in the cloud.


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