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Inter-Business Vault for Financials

Cyber-Ark’s Inter-Business Vault® provides a fully governed B2B Managed File Transfer Integration and Collaboration solution which enables financial service providers to manage data exchange for enabling critical business processes with business partners, customers and service providers.


The current economic crisis requires more than ever to “do more with less”. Business departments increasingly demand for providing better, faster service, at lower costs, as well as provide a larger set of services in order to increase business volume and profits.
IT departments need to address this increasing business demand while dealing with a growing volume of data transfers, as more financial business applications utilize file-transfer technology. These include replacing paper or courier based processes, such as check images, payment and payroll processing. Additionally, the load and efforts on costly maintenance and error management processes increases as well.


Cyber-Ark’s Inter-Business Vault (IBV) – the leading, fully governed, highly secure Managed File Transfer solution addresses all file-transfer needs in the organization. IBV enables financial services organizations to manage the secure and audited exchange of business information, such as check images, payment processing, clearing processing, and other sensitive data exchanged with business partners, service providers and customers. With IBV, you can:

Enable new business and customer services

  • Add value services by automating the transfer of financial data such as payroll, payments, and other automated transaction reports, which complements existing interactive portal services.
  • Improve overall service and SLAs, with automated, highly secure, fully governed data exchange processes.

Streamline processes with business partners and service providers

  • Modernize secure communications, automated or manual, such as clearing houses, printing houses, finance business partners and other financial institutions.

Improve productivity and cost-effectiveness for your organization

  • Enhance visibility of data exchange processes with 3rd parties, and more importantly, improve the ability to quickly respond when required.
  • Reduce overall IT costs by centralizing all file-transfers into a single secure and scalable platform, whether automated, manual or ad-hoc.
  • Lower costs by utilizing secure data exchange over the Internet, replacing pricier VPNs, leased lines, or courier deliveries of media.
  • Provide highly secure inter-branch connectivity for driving confidential and sensitive data between branches.


  • Centrally manage all data exchange and sharing processes regardless of method, protocol or type.
  • Supporting end-to-end automation as well as interactive collaboration
  • Business process centric (“Data Exchange Services”) approach for managing data exchange, and managing 3rd parties
  • Highly secure – encryption at rest and in transit, strong authentication, tamper-proof audit logs
  • Transparent encryption keys management – zero overhead enabling partners and managing encryption keys
  • Large (Multi-Gigabyte) files support, transfer-recovery, automated resume and transparent compression
  • Powerful file-transfer rules engine with Pre/Post Processing capabilities
  • Easily integrates to your enterprise infrastructure
  • Email notifications for new files
  • Customizable alerts for failed transfers and broken processes


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