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Inter-Business Vault

Cyber-Ark’s Inter-Business Vault® (IBV) provides the leading secure on-line portal solution in the market. It enables organizations to securely and efficiently share sensitive information with board members, employees, customers, business partners and other 3rd parties.


There is a growing demand for ensuring secure creation, production, management and transfer of highly sensitive information. One example of such information is what is known as the “Board Book” that is prepared by the Corporate Secretary. This book is responsible for the most sensitive of information sharing at every Board Meeting
As organizations grow, this “Board Book” can become a task that is time consuming and cumbersome, as all information needs to be printed, bound and delivered (via courier). Additionally, this information needs to be completed on time and early enough for every board member to review.
Inherently, last minute changes are almost impossible to apply as books would need to be reproduced, therefore creating a bottleneck of more costs and operational time invested in the project. Furthermore, the printing and delivery of these books do not meet the current “environmentally-friendly” standards of our socio-economic setting: Multiple copies, for multiple meetings could reach up to hundreds of thousands of pages printed annually. The courier expense and energy as well does not fit today’s “green” standard.
Finally, the courier can not ensure a secure and controlled transport and delivery. “Board Books” contain highly confidential information, which, if leaked, could jeopardize company brand, IP, strategic plans, customer loyalty, as well as cause financial damage to equity owners.


Cyber-Ark’s Inter-Business Vault (IBV) – the leading, highly secure solution for sharing and exchanging sensitive information, provides you with the following:

  • Streamlines the process of assembling the board book to significantly reduce workload off the corporate secretary
  • Provides easy and intuitive 24×7 worldwide access to board members via secure web interface which requires no installation on the board member’s laptop
  • Ensures that sensitive information does not leak, even if accessed from a shared computer or laptop is lost or stolen
  • An ultra-secure repository providing strong encryption, authentication and access control mechanisms, preventing IT/administrator from accessing


  • Secure access to board materials, from anywhere, anytime
  • Email notification alerts on new materials with a single-click access to new content
  • Strong data-at-rest and in-transit encryption
  • No installation required on end-user’s desktop
  • Strong authentication methods and two factor authentication options
  • Strict access control, preventing IT/administrators from accessing sensitive data, including backups
  • Provide “ad-hoc” secure connectivity for external consultants/advisors
  • Easily integrates to your enterprise infrastructure


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