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On-Demand Privileges Manager (Windows)

On-Demand Privileges Manager™ for Windows* dramatically reduces the usage of privileged rights within the organization and enforces ‘least privilege’ policies for administrative rights on desktops and servers.

Looking to control the unnecessary admin rights your standard business users have on their Windows desktops? Want to pre-define the applications users can access across the enterprise, even if these do not require admin rights, while restricting access to others?

On-Demand Privileges Manager for Windows empowers users to perform tasks that otherwise require administrative rights in a controlled and fully audited manner. By defining the necessary policies for business users to perform their daily tasks, you are no longer jeopardizing security by giving them too strong privileges or limiting them by not giving them any privileges at all.

The result is threefold: better productivity, improved security, at a lower total cost of ownership:

  • 90% of Windows vulnerabilities are mitigated when running without admin rights resulting in less malware attacks
  • Business users can independently perform their daily tasks resulting in fewer Helpdesk calls, reducing desktop management costs by 20% according to Gartner
  • Full control over application accessibility across the enterprise, so that only trusted applications can be run/installed while blocking others
  • Enable Windows server administrators to work under least privilege with an audit trail of privilege operations.

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