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Privileged Identity Management Suite

Who has the “Keys to the Kingdom”? Mismanagement of privileged identities puts your company at risk.

Privileged accounts and passwords are extremely powerful, allowing a privileged user to log on anonymously and have complete control of the target system with full access to all of the information on that system. This vulnerability could potentially cause tremendous financial losses and reputational damage for businesses. For enterprises, privileged accounts are especially difficult to manage:

  • The average enterprise has thousands of privileged identities, accounts, and passwords. Manually managing and updating these are a time-consuming, costly and repetitive process.
  • Administrative and application accounts (hard-coded, embedded credentials) are found on virtually every piece of hardware, software, and application within an organization, including virtual environments.
  • Administrative or application accounts are shared, which means that the system does not track WHO logged in as an Administrator, merely that a login occurred—a significant audit challenge.
  • Unlike a personal identity, such as JDoe, administrative or application accounts are nearly impossible to disable due to high potential for disruption to business.
  • Administrative and application accounts are subject to regulations such as Sarbanes Oxley, PCI, and Basel II, requiring that companies prove exactly who logs in to sensitive systems and, increasingly, what they are doing.

Cyber-Ark’s Privileged Identity Management (PIM) Suite is an enterprise-class, unified policy-based solution that secures, manages and logs all privileged accounts and activities associated with datacenter management whether on-premise or in the cloud:

  • Control access to privileged accounts based on pre-defined security policies
  • Manage application and service credentials
  • Grant granular control to the commands superusers can run
  • Comply with audit and regulatory requirements
  • Streamline policy management of privileged accounts
  • Seamlessly integrate with enterprise systems

The PIM Suite allows organizations to manage, track and audit their most privileged identities, avert internal and external threats, and prevent the loss of sensitive information. It complements the Privileged Session Management Suite designed to isolate, protect and monitor all sensitive target systems in your datacenter including servers, network devices, databases and virtual environments and records all privileged sessions on these systems for better visibility, control and smoother audit processes.

The PIM Suite: features and components

The PIM Suite offers a robust set of system features and capabilities for consistent policy definition and enforcement, automated privileged password management, and centralized reporting for compliance audits. The PIM Suite comprises three well integrated core products which can also be purchased separately as needed:

Because they share a common server platform, an initial deployment of any individual solution can quickly and easily be expanded to address any additional audit or security challenges that may arise in the future.

With Cyber-Ark’s Privileged Identity Management suite you can:

  • Approach Compliance with Confidence:  Superior security that protects the ‘keys to your kingdom’ with a proven ability to meet regulatory requirements
  • Minimize Internal or External Threats:  Control who is accessing your most sensitive assets with out of the box best practices for defining and enforcing a unified policy for privileged identity management
  • Do Business Better:  Improve workforce productivity with a single access point for automatically managing privileged credentials

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