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The Cylance Professional Services domain expertise in cybersecurity runs deep, with experts in Incident Response, Compromise Assessments, Penetration Testing, Industrial Control Systems (ICS), Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources (CIKR), and custom services.

Cylance Professional Services

Cylance’s expert professional services team have one goal in mind; solve your immediate cyber security problems. By blending deep domain expertise with Cylance’s math and machine learning engine, repeat cycles of incident response become a thing of the past.

Incident Response

  • Stopping active attacks is priority number one for modern incident response. Every second the attackers have is one second too many.

Compromise Assessments

  • A comprehensive assessment to determine if a previously unidentified breach has occurred and if so, how to prevent a future incident.

Forensic Investigations

  • In a post-incident scenario, you need a trusted partner to investigate and acquire forensic data while adhering to a strict chain-of-custody procedure.


  • Cylance employs the leading authorities on Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Critical Infrastructure and Key Resource (CIKR) security.

Penetration Testing

  • Our experts test internal and external systems without impacting the core business operations to identify any weakness in the security posture.

Custom Services

  • From training and staff augmentation, to deep malware analysis and reverse engineering, Cylance custom services are tailored to your needs.

Prevent First
Respond Second

Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) are more than just malware. Attackers move laterally across your systems as soon as they’ve gained a foothold. Our services couple the power of math and machine learning with deep threat expertise to instantly stop attacks and mitigate damage before moving on to analysis and remediation.

Detect The “Undetectable”

The Cylance Professional Services team leverages the same math and machine learning “brain” that powers our software to supercharge our Incident Response and Compromise Assessment capabilities. By detecting previously “undetectable” indicators of attack, our experts can find—and stop—active incidents quickly and efficiently.

Connect The Dots

By correlating indicators of compromise—based on decades of fieldwork—with known vulnerabilities, the Cylance Professional Services team easily provides granular insight into the breadth and depth of any incident. By focusing on real threats, not just percieved risks, our team breaks the cycle of ‘detect and respond’ in order to put prevention at the forefront.

The Cylance Difference

We combine expert knowledge with our proprietary math and machine learning based decision engine to deliver best-in-class cyber security services 24/7/365. As a trusted advisor, we touch every single endpoint instead of just a small sample size. Our services are completely O/S agnostic, and scale to meet your specific needs. We also empower our clients with the tools and training needed to protect themselves from future incidents. Our services provide your team with a unique tool, called CylanceCAT, that allows for a holistic overview of our findings, with granular details and an easy-to-use interface to make remediation as straight-forward as possible.

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