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File Integrity Monitoring

File Integrity Monitoring

LogRhythm allows customers to simplify and strengthen their security, audit and compliance posture with a single, fully integrated solution.

FIM & Host Activity Monitoring

See how LogRhythm protects critical files, directories and hosts with independent monitoring capabilities.

Employing steady-state monitoring to ensure the integrity of sensitive files is more than just a security best practice. For many organizations it is a regulatory mandate as well. By combining File Integrity Monitoring with fully integrated Log Management & Log Analysis, and Host Activity Monitoring in One Integrated Solution, LogRhythm allows customers to simplify and strengthen their security, audit and compliance posture with a single, fully integrated solution.

PCI-DSS 11.5 mandates: Deploy file integrity monitoring to alert personnel to unauthorized modifications of critical system or content files, and perform file comparisons at least weekly or more frequently if the process can be automated.

User-Aware File Integrity Monitoring

LogRhythm’s holistic approach allows security personnel to be notified when files are created or key files are viewed, deleted or modified, and when group ownership of files is changed. For selective monitoring, LogRhythm provides granular controls and filters that can pinpoint specific files and either perform scans at desired intervals or operate in real-time mode for continuous protection. File-level behavior can then be correlated to additional security and audit activities to build a comprehensive window into potentially harmful network activity.

With the addition of File Integrity Monitoring, LogRhythm can be used to monitor for and alert on a variety of malicious behaviors, from improper user access of confidential files to botnet related breaches and transmittal of sensitive data. The combined solution allows organizations to meet specific regulatory compliance requirements, such as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) 11.5 and 12.9, without purchasing a separate product.

Fully integrated with Log & Event Management & Endpoint Monitoring & Control

LogRhythm has brought an integrated SIEM and File Integrity Monitoring solution to the market which is unlike any other.

Marc White
Head of Security and Compliance
  • Addresses 80 different control requirements of PCI DSS
  • Sends contextualized alerts whenever confidential data is viewed, modified or deleted
  • Provides a complete set of forensic data for rapidly identifying the root cause of security breaches
  • Centralized, policy-based configuration and administration

Monitors All Types of Files

  • Including executables, configuration files, content files, log and audit files, web files, database files, and more
  • Granular controls ensure that each monitored file is scanned at the desired frequency
  • Real-time FIM provides specific details about which user viewed, modified, or deleted what files

Out-of-the-box policies are provided for common applications.

LogRhythm File Integrity Monitoring is supported on Windows, Unix and Linux systems.

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