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One Integrated Solution

One Integrated Solution

Log Management & SIEM 2.0. | File Integrity Monitoring | Host Activity Monitoring

LogRhythm SIEM 2.0

Watch Chris Peterson, CTO and Co-Founder, as he provides a detailed LogRhythm product demonstration

LogRhythm is an enterprise-class platform that seamlessly combines Log Management & SIEM 2.0, File Integrity Monitoring, and Host Activity Monitoring into a single integrated solution. It is designed to address an ever-changing landscape of threats and challenges, with a full suite of high-performance tools for security, compliance, and operations. LogRhythm delivers comprehensive, useful and actionable insight into what is really going on in and around an enterprise IT environment. LogRhythm’s SIEM 2.0 platform delivers:

  • Fully Integrated Log & Event Management
  • Multi-Dimensional Big Data Security Analytics
    • Advanced Correlation & Pattern Recognition
    • Automated Behavioral Whitelisting
    • Statistical Baselining
  • Extended visibility and context
    • Independent host activity monitoring
    • File integrity monitoring
    • Enterprise-wide network visibility
  • Powerful, rapid forensics
  • Intelligent, process-driven SmartResponse
  • Ease-of-use and simplified management

Design for Practical, Everyday Use

A wealth of valuable information can be derived from log data – originating from applications, databases, servers, network devices or host systems. LogRhythm enables organizations the ability to detect and respond to advanced threats, automate compliance assurance and intelligently optimize IT operations by automating the collection, organization, analysis, archiving and reporting of all log data. By fully integrating Log Management & SIEM 2.0, with File Integrity Monitoring and Host Activity Monitoring in one solution LogRhythm helps customers:

  • Expand and accelerate threat detection & response capabilities
  • Reduce acquisition costs and management overhead
  • Automate continuous compliance
  • Increase ROI

It is cost-effective, easily deployed, scales to fit the needs of any enterprise, and is operated and managed through an easy-to-use, wizard-driven console. With LogRhythm, enterprises can invest in a single solution to address security, compliance, and operations issues throughout their IT organizations.

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