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Data Encryption & Control

SafeNet data encryption and control solutions focus on sensitive data, providing persistent protection throughout its lifecycle, wherever it resides. Information is protected at every moment—when it is created by an employee on a company laptop, shared with a business partner by e-mail, stored in an enterprise database, processed by an application, and accessed by a field employee on a mobile device.

Data encryption and control solutions cover data center protection for databases, applications, and mainframes as well as endpoint protection for files and full disk encryption.

SafeNet DataSecure appliances are at the heart of all SafeNet data encryption and control solutions— offering comprehensive security to organizations of all sizes. Additionally, Token Manager offers tokenization capabilities and EdgeSecure offers protection for remote sites.


For the most demanding processing environments, DataSecure offers the highest level of database and application security available. It features breakthrough performance, high availability, and streamlined implementation.


EdgeSecure enables organizations to encrypt sensitive data in hundreds or even thousands of remote locations, and to do so with unprecedented efficiency and cost effectiveness. When combined with DataSecure appliances, the result is a streamlined, centralized management model for deploying encryption across geographically distributed locations.

Tokenization Manager

Tokenization Manager can be employed for online credit card transactions or transmission of other sensitive data. SafeNet Tokenization works by replacing sensitive data with tokens that preserve information formats so you can protect multiple types of data without affecting critical IT components. Tokenization also helps simplify audit compliance by reducing audit scope.

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