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Secure, Simple Sign-on for Web, Cloud and VPN Resources With a Single Identity Enforcement Platform

SecureAuth IEP’s SSO capability minimizes the number of passwords your users have to remember by providing a single logon to all on-premise web and cloud-based applications without APIs or application modifications. SecureAuth IEP abstracts user data from the enterprise’ native directory so multiple applications can be securely accessed simultaneously with a single logon, using the same credentials. When 2-factor authentication is required, you can easily add this feature to the SSO experience and the same credentials are used to support web, cloud and VPN resources. With SecureAuth SSO, users don’t have to remember separate passwords and administrators aren’t flooded with calls to reset forgotten passwords.

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SecureAuth IEP’s Innovative Approach to Two-Factor Authentication Outperforms Tokens and Token Alternatives for any On-Premise Web, Cloud-based Applications, and VPN Resources

The foundation for SecureAuth’s solutions is the SecureAuth Identity Enforcement Platform (IEP). SecureAuth IEP provides strong authentication services in a single identity-based solution that also delivers SSO and user management services for all cloud, web, and VPN resources. SecureAuth’s strong authentication services automate the creation and management of user credentials, reducing administrative overhead and strengthening security by ensuring that only authorized users are accessing the application at any given point in time.

SecureAuth IEP is the industry’s first identity enforcement platform to integrate strong authentication, SSO, access, and user management services for cloud, web, and VPN resources. This unique approach ensures that any organization can easily adhere to security and compliance regulations with a single solution that is configurable to meet your specific security requirements.

SecureAuth IEP delivers the following:

Increased Security

  • Mutual (client/server) authentication protects every application, including cloud-based applications, from identity theft.
  • User identities and access controls are securely stored within your protected enterprise.
  • Secure user enrollment process for access to cloud, web and VPN resources.

Secure, Simple, End-user Access

  • A tokenless, intuitive user experience instills confidence, speeds adoption and eliminates loss.
  • Automated self-enrollment enables users to gain immediate access from any location at any time.
  • Desktop (IWA) SSO provides authenticated users instant, transparent access to on-premise and cloud- based applications.

On or Off-premise

  • Hybrid architecture enables cloud-based applications to become part of the extended enterprise by leveraging existing directories.
  • Automatically translates different identities for cloud and local applications.
  • Delivers a transparent user experience with secure SSO between applications.

On-premise Only

  • Integrates directly with Active Directory and other industry leading data stores to reduce management overhead and the number of user names and passwords to remember.
  • Integrated desktop (Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA)) SSO provides easy user access to cloud and hosted web applications.

Streamlined Deployment and Maintenance

  • Install without APIs or modifications to applications and move to production in days, not weeks or months.
  • Secure token service “in a box” removes complexity of delivering standard cloud security token protocols (e.g. SAML)
  • Eliminates hardware tokens, deployment of client software, upgrades, or user training.
  • Integrated SSO, web-based provisioning, and user self registration reduce management overhead

Cost Effective

  • Only purchase one product to secure and simplify access to every cloud, web and VPN resource.
  • Meets every PCI DSS, NCUA, FFIEC, HIPPA, HITECH criteria for two-factor authentication while eliminating investments for hardware tokens, data servers or infrastructure.
  • SecureAuth is a fraction of the cost of hard and soft tokens.
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