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Managed Services

Solutionary is the Next Generation Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP)

With a focus on managed security services (MSS) and global threat intelligence, Solutionary protects
traditional and virtual IT infrastructures, cloud environments and mobile data. Clients are able to
optimize security programs, make informed decisions, achieve compliance and reduce costs.

Built on the patented, cloud-based ActiveGuard® service platform, global threat intelligence from
the Security Engineering Research Team (SERT) and certified security experts, Solutionary
services are delivered 24/7 through multiple state-of the art security operations centers (SOCs).

Threat Intelligence

The Security Engineering Research Team (SERT) turns threat research into actionable
intelligence Solutionary uses to protect clients

SERT is comprised of dedicated, experienced security engineers who research the global threat
landscape 24/7, turning research into actionable intelligence Solutionary uses to protect clients.
These researchers perform in-depth security research into current and emerging threats to
evaluate the potential impact of the threat as well as develop mitigating controls.

In addition to security research, SERT also provides direct and indirect support to Solutionary
clients, including malware analysis, incident response and forensics. SERT also informs and
educates clients, delivering intelligence through email alerts, blog posts, white papers and other

Industry Solutions

IT Security Services that Support Regulatory Compliance and Industry Requirements

Solutionary delivers IT security services across multiple industries to protect client infrastructures
and support compliance with industry-specific regulations. Serving large enterprises, mid-size
organizations, government entities and service providers, Solutionary Managed Security Services
(MSS) delivered via the ActiveGuard service platform fulfill the log monitoring, log management
and log retention requirements of major compliance frameworks. With broad industry and
regulatory experience, Solutionary has regulatory expertise for requirements such as PCI DSS,


The Patented, Cloud-based ActiveGuard® Security and Compliance Platform —
The Technology Behind Solutionary Managed Security Services

The ActiveGuard® platform was purpose-built to deliver cloud-based managed security
services. Acting as a “SIEM in the cloud,” ActiveGuard collects, monitors, and correlates logs
from virtually any device capable of producing a log file, including applications, databases,
endpoints, firewalls, IDS/IPS, UTMs, WAFs, FIMs and network devices. ActiveGuard enriches
gathered security data with a variety of contextual information such as vulnerabilities, assets,
GeoIP, malicious hosts, privileged and non-privileged users to deliver actionable intelligence
and increase accuracy. ActiveGuard uses multiple detection methods and global threat
intelligence from the Solutionary Security Engineering Research Team (SERT) to detect and
protect against threats.

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